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It's getting festive in here! A rainbow-tastic living room for Christmas.

It's 2020 and as the wonderful (and equally colourful) Sarah Krieg says - be EXTRA! Yes Ma'am, already on it!

I've been tweaking and adding to my displays (if you've seen my reels on Instagram you'll have had a sneaky peek already) and our living room is looking ablaze with Christmas colour and I am LOVING it! The twins are amazed when they come home every day to find something new, hehe. They did help with the tree of course, if you haven't already seen our time-lapse of the tree decorating then check out my Rainbow Tree 2020 blog post ;)

As for the rest of the room - here are my latest fripperies...

I got these gorgeous confetti lights from Potter & Mooch to drape over my Sophie Abbott painting along with my old NOEL letters balanced on top.

These paper decorations are also new, some from Lewes department store Wickle (love it in there!) and some from Amazon. The foil ones are from Popsicle, the ball lights and glittery Merry Christmas sign are old (I can't remember where from).

My new rainbow garland, rainbow decoration on the giraffe and little rainbow embellished tree are from a maker in Ibiza, Rainbow Room on Etsy.

The advent calendar was from Hobbycraft, embellished by me and we have the white tree (also Hobbycraft) for our multi-coloured baubles (also used at Easter). There are some new rainbow baubles this year from John Lewis and the old rainbow bottle brush tree is from Paperchase. The Santas are from Lindt!

And of course the outside has had the same treatment with Festive rainbow-fication with my home-made wreath!

And the twins were "fighting" over my rainbow Christmas hoodie from Elsie's Attic of course, despite having their own rainbow jumpers...

Have you decorated yet?? How colourful do you go?

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