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Kickers Kids UK - Outdoor Product Photography

I was thrilled to work with Kickers Kids UK recently on their latest campaign for Christmas, I mean, how could I not be when these are the shoes they're selling!!! I'm still waiting for them to decide that they will make them in my size! ;)

For a wintery theme (tricky with no snow forecast) we headed to the Christmas tree field at Wilderness Wood and had a ball wandering around seeing a few decorated ones.

Followed by some play time of course!

(She was being a troll from under the bridge!)

We also had fun walking and playing at Buxted Park which gave us a more autumnal feel, especially when we started chucking leaves around! As you can see, they've had a full test already with wet grass and full on mud! After a quick brush, they're looking tip top again which is just as well as we have some indoor photos planned next week ;)

I received some lovely feedback from Mum's the Word ladies (who organised the shoot for Kickers):

"We absolutely loved working with Bex on the Kickers campaign photographs. She really captured the spirit of the brand and produced a collection of stunning photographs that exceeded our expectations. The feedback from Kickers was simply 'WOW' and we can't wait to work with her again in the future."

Want some fun photos like these to show off your products?

Seriously, how gorgeous are these shoes? This isn't an ad, I wasn't asked to share anything at all, just supply photos for the brand to use on social media, I just genuinely love them all and feel really rather jealous that they won't fit me, lol! The twins are pretty chuffed with them and said they're very comfy so if you're after some sturdy, comfy and FUN shoes/boots for your little ones, I'd snap some up! They'll definitely be included in my upcoming clothing edition of my Colourful Gift Guides!

(They watched Harry Potter for the first time for their 6th birthday so they were practising spells on me!)

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