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Let The Games Begin!

I have to say, I really struggled to enjoy playing games with the twins when they were younger. The tantrums when they couldn't understand how to play, or indeed when they lost, were rather frustrating and I had to try hard to control my patience and in all honesty, boredom with the more simple repetitive games.

BUT, now that they're six and can understand the rules and aims of various games, we are having loads of fun, particularly with Connect 4 which we are loving lately! They've become so good at taking turns, don't mind when they lose and actually spend time thinking about their moves as well as trying to figure out what the other player is up to. It's so much more fun and we play every weekend now with our little wooden travel kit.

Last weekend we lazed around on the sofa playing for ages and the light was so perfect I had to grab my camera for a few snaps of the fun and concentration. I love watching them coming up with tactics and thinking about their next move.

We also recently played Poo Bingo for the first time. Kalyan got it for his birthday and we found it surprisingly educational, great fun and good reading practice too!

What age did your kids start 'getting' games? Do you have any recommendations for other games we should be playing?

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