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Lockdown Bike Rides FTW!

The twins have a newfound confidence in their bikes with all the practice they've been getting during lockdown. So much so, we even managed to go on a family bike ride with Nik and I on our bikes too, without having to worry about stopping and starting and carrying anyone/bikes.

When Nik's at work, the kids and I head out (me walking) to Buxted Park where they can have more space without worrying about too much traffic (just residents) and I can walk along behind them with my camera ;) It's become an almost daily occurrence, sometimes with a stop at the post office for an ice-cream on our way home too. (Sort of essential!)

We do still have the odd fall though :( After a cuddle, he wanted a photo of his injury while trying to be brave. I did have to carry the bike all the way home though.



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