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New (Blue) Hair!

I've wanted to colour the ends of my hair for a couple of years now, I was thinking a nice bright teal! Just the ends as I spent years growing out my greys (since 2012) so I wanted to be able to chop off the colour easily, especially as I am aware that bright colours tend to fade quickly. I'd been putting it off as I hadn't found anywhere I thought might be good for this kind of colour but my friend Gabby recommended somewhere and we planned to go together before our work night out at Christmas.

I'm going to gloss over my first visit but it wasn't the best experience and didn't give me the results I expected for various reasons. Initially it was very dull, uneven, barely noticeable and much higher than I'd asked for at the back, I was so stressed and upset when I left. Luckily my complaint was handled very well and I was invited back to a different branch to have it done again and get it how I wanted.

I ended up at the really lovely branch in Crawley (a bit of a trek and a childcare nightmare to organise, thank you so the lovely friends who picked up my kids for me that day!), the person who did my hair here was amazing and totally understood and was excited about what I wanted. She immediately had a plan and discussed it with me and proceeded to bleach the tips of my hair to really make the colour stand out. See below: before and during (1st image is how it was left after my first visit).

I could already tell this was going to give a better result and as soon as the colour was applied it looked brighter and much more colourful! The whole experience was different, I felt so comfortable and really enjoyed my visit and you can see the results below, what a difference! This is what I wanted, something fun and immediately noticeable. I LOVE IT!

I definitely would be happy to go back to the Crawley branch, even though it's 40 minutes away, it was worth it to get the hair I wanted and have a relaxing, enjoyable experience.


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