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Operation Bed Swap!

I often feel like I'm not a great Mum (don't we all??) but I AM good at birthday surprises ;)

This year, for their 6th birthday, I had some rather ambitious plans to swap their old cot beds for new "grown up" single beds while they were sleeping. I wanted them to wake up in their brand new beds on their birthday - the ultimate surprise, I thought it would blow their minds and thankfully, we managed to pull it off!

It started with putting them to bed elsewhere, we made it an adventure letting them choose a BIG bed to sleep in. Kalyan chose the spare bed and Priya chose ours.

While they slept, Nik dismantled the old beds and built the new ones while I worked on the fripperies! New bed covers, sheets and Cable & Cotton lights for their headboards in their favourite colours. They kept asking me why I wanted to know their favourite colours when I asked last week.

The sleepy transfers were a success and they laid on their beds blissfully unaware of the swap!

I had alerts set on my phone for their room monitor which meant I got to see their reaction when they woke up! I love their excitement and realising it was for their birthday, Kalyan soon discovered the dimmer switch and played with that before flopping back to sleep at 5am. They woke properly at 6:18 and discussed it, saying they had to be surprised again when Mummy came in, bless them!

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