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Our Halloween Tree, Playlist and Plans 2020

I've already written a list of 13 ways to rock a pandemic Halloween this year but I thought I'd share a bit more about some of the activities we've been doing so far and how we'll be celebrating on the day this year.

We've done a little Halloween tree for the last few years (ever since I found these awesome decorations in Home Sense), but this year we're putting it up for more than just a couple of days. We're embracing Halloween the same way we do Christmas this year - for a good couple of weeks at least with decorations up in our house already and I've sent a full itinerary of our plans for The Big Day to our in-laws (assuming we're still able to go ahead with our party of six by then)!

I'm a big believer in celebrating the little things and with this year being the way it is, that's more true than ever! It's helping to keep both me and the kids distracted too, they're loving the build up to this Halloween.

They had a great time hanging the decorations on our sparkly tree, it has built in LEDs too for extra festivity! I've created a playlist on Sonos which we've had on whenever we've been decorating to get us in the spooky mood (see the list of songs I included below)...

Our Halloween itinerary for the day (I've instructed everyone to dress up too)!..


Spooky pancakes/eggs for breakfast

Halloween Hunt - similar to Easter but with spooky sweets - to make up for no trick or treating

Apple picking at Oast Farm in Buxted (weather dependent)

Apple bobbing for the kids (no Covid bubble mixing)


Halloween FEAST

Spooky punch


Halloween movie with cosy blankets and popcorn


Halloween soup

S'mores over the BBQ fire and spooky stories (weather dependent)


Bedtime for kids

Halloween cocktails for the grown-ups!

I can't wait! Do you have plans for Halloween? Let me know in the comments if I've inspired you to try out some ideas - you can find LOADS more inspiration on Pinterest.

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