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Painting rainbows on our windows - spreading joy during social distancing.

All over the world people are putting rainbows in their windows to spread some joy during self-isolation, lock-down or social distancing. Whichever stage you're in at the moment, most of us are finding ourselves stuck indoors a lot more than usual and this is just one way some of us are coping and adding some cheer to an otherwise stressful situation as we're faced with so much uncertainty in the world right now.

I've set up a local project (which I know some other photographers in different parts of the country are also now doing), Through the Rainbow Windows, to document this time. I'm going to be taking two photos - one portrait of whoever created the rainbows, proudly standing next to them inside the window. The second photo will be more in line with my usual type of work - family documentary photography in Sussex, I'll be taking a photo through the window of families carrying on with life whatever that looks like right now - an activity, even something simple like reading a book, just being together as a family during this strange time. (Please do get in touch if you fancy joining in - it's free!)

We decided to paint ours directly on to the windows. Mostly because I thought it would be extra fun for the twins plus make for some more good photo opportunities having been rather uninspired lately! Luckily it did ;)

I particularly love their reactions as they walked in to see it all set up!

SO much fun! And I love the light shining through the colours. It's definitely cheered me up!

Are you putting rainbows in your windows? Want me to take a couple of photos for you, no charge, just make a donation to Uckfield Foodbank if you can!


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