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Phlock Spotlight Exhibition

It's only 5 weeks until Phlock Live!!! Oh my gosh has that come around quickly or what? I really should finalise my talk, eek!

The latest Phlock news is that they're hosting an exhibition in the Midlands Hotel in Manchester where the conference is being held in March. Those of us in the Phlock Facebook community (which anyone can join if you're a photographer who identifies as female) were invited to submit photos to be considered. Attendees were given 3 free entries but you could pay a small admin fee (to help with printing costs) to enter more. I entered 6 in total across the Nature & Landscape, Maternity, Newborn and Social Documentary categories.

I'm delighted to announce that I've had two of my images selected by the judges, Janel Peyton (ex-editor of Dear Photographer magazine), Danielle Da Silva (founder of Photographers without Borders) and

Natalie Lennard (artist behind the amazing and award-winning Birth Undisturbed series). Edit: OMG, they just announced the Maternity category and I have another acceptance so THREE finalist images in total!


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