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Picnics - Inside & Out!

An almost guaranteed way to get my kids to eat all their lunch - declare a picnic! It's an ideal activity with the kids this summer, come rain or shine! We've set it up indoors before if the weather's looking a bit iffy and we've also packed up rucksacks to head out on our bikes to picnic in the woods.

What are your go-to picnic foods? I personally love a posh picnic but when it's just me and the kids we go for the usual suspects: sandwiches, crisps, cucumber sticks, cheese and maybe a hard-boiled egg and water to drink.

For a more grown up affair, I'd throw in some fizzy soft drinks and maybe even Prosecco depending on the occasion, a lovely salad with mozzarella, lime & coriander prawns, spicy chicken, maybe even a flask of soup or coffee... lots of tasty treats I love - let me know in the comments if you have any top picnic tips!

We had a fab time in the woods, the kids climbed their favourite muddy hill, collected pine cones and spotted more insects.


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