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Playing with coffee - food photography in Sussex

Coffee is life some days, am I right? Particularly for us busy working mums! Juggling so many hats - for me it's Mum, wife, dentist, photographer, magazine editor, designer, accountant, marketeer (still working on that one), copywriter....

Yeh, I need coffee to crack on with all of the above every day!

Yesterday I had a lot of fun playing with my new backdrops (which admittedly you can't even see above, haha) and I have a lot of ideas to try out soon so watch this space if you love yummy food and flat lays. I have a lot of learning and experimenting to do ;)

For the image above, I kept it super simple. Here's the behind the scenes and below I've shared a before and after of the edit where I enhanced the shapes and colour in the swirls by adding plenty of contrast and depth.

I even like it with just the beans in the light from our patio doors.

I can't wait to do more like this!

If you're interested in something similar for your brand, be it food or drink related - get in touch now to chat about your ideas!

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