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Playing with Pumpkins!

I adore Halloween and autumn - the colours as the leaves change and cosy nights under a blanket, hot chocolates and all the fun of spooky Halloween activities! Plus the light! There's something magical about autumn light with the sun lower in the sky and all the golden colours.

I've already written plenty about our Autumn and Halloween plans and activities so far this year but I've been back to the pumpkin field at Tulleys again, this time with a friend, to find some more baby pumpkins for some more practice with my new backdrops.

I'd already had some fun with this awesome selection hubby brought me from Morrisons (excellent choices Mr Maini!) but I needed MORE! I used this one below for the header on my first Iridescent Insider newsletter! (If you're not an Iridescent Insider already, get yourself on the list!)

When I went back to Tulleys Farm I found SO many cute little pumpkins and knew I had to do some kind of rainbow effect with as many colours as I could gather! It's been fun setting these up and playing around with designs and angles to create something pretty and colourful :)

I love all the varieties of squashes, knobbly ones, stripy ones, pear-shaped, round, multi-coloured and fig-shaped and of course the range of colours from almost red to deep dark greens.

Watch this space for a whole other way to create rainbows with pumpkins soon...

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