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School's Out for Summer!

The twins have certainly had an unconventional first year in school! With lockdown, distance learning, keyworker days and being back part time towards the end, I've been so impressed with how they've taken it all in their stride. I mean, we certainly had our struggles adjusting to learning at home (and pretty much gave up by the time they were back in school full time for those brief two weeks) but overall, they've coped amazingly well with all the sudden changes and various amazing teachers (we never knew who they'd be with on keyworker days) among seemingly endless days at home.

Of course we still did the obligatory doorstep photos (jumping optional) to compare to their very first day at primary school - even more different being without school uniform at the end of the year.

On their last day I arranged to take some photos of their class "bubble" outside the school at pick-up which was so nice as they all said goodbye to their wonderful teachers. Apparently Kalyan thought it was some kind of graduation - flinging his hat up in the air!

I can't share the group shots here but I did manage to get a couple with just my two and their teachers which I am allowed to share :)

To celebrate their amazing school reports, Granny & Grampy sent them some money to spend on a treat of their choice. We headed to Kids Stuff in Uckfield so they could choose a toy and they managed to have some change left over for a tasty treat from Truffles Bakery too!


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