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Scottish Sunset at a Brand Photoshoot - Published on PhotoVogue

It's always a lovely surprise to have one of my photos accepted by PhotoVogue. PhotoVogue’s photographs are personally selected by PhotoVogue’s editors so it's a great honour to have an image accepted for publication on their website. See below for more info.

One of my recent brand shoots up in Scotland included a trip to Irvine beach at sunset. Whilst Sarah was lighting her fire for s'mores, I got a little creative with some long exposure shots with ICM (Intentional Camera Movement) of the sunset.

From the PhotoVogue website:

"PhotoVogue curates a pool of incredible image makers from around the world to create an international database of the most interesting voices in contemporary photography."
"In today’s world, where every brand is aiming to connect with their audience by delivering meaningful and relevant messages to communities that are actively engaged in issues of race, gender, equality, social justice and climate concerns, we aim to be the leader and game changer in giving a platform to the new creative voices and critical subject matter that will shape our future."

Want to see the SOOC (Straight Out Of Camera - unedited version)? It had A LOT of dust bunnies (dirty marks on the camera sensor caused by dust or possibly in this case, sand, despite me being super careful when changing lenses!) They're not always visible as I shoot with my aperture wide open most of the time, thank goodness or it would take me weeks to edit my galleries, but when it's a long exposure using a large DOF (depth of field), especially with blurred smooth lines, they're much more visible.

SOOC (you can make out a few dust bunnies on the sea but when zoomed in they're very obvious everywhere!):

Settings: ISO 50, f22, 105mm, 1/8 sec

Editing out the dust bunnies:

So, yeh it was a lot of work to clean up but worth it. Thanks Vogue!

Now, I'm off to clean my camera!

Oh and here's a non-blurry shot taken a few seconds before, same edit applied except the dust bunnies aren't visible anyway...

Settings: ISO 250, f2.8, 105mm, 1/5000 sec

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