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Seaford Beach

So good, we went back the very next day!

I met Nik and the kids here after a rather long hot day at work (in plastic PPE!!) during the heatwave. Going so late (it was about 6pm) it was fairly quiet and we even found a sandy patch! A paddle in the sea was just what I needed, I wished I had swimming stuff so I could have gone right in for a swim but this was a spontaneous plan straight from work.

Around 7pm we went to get fish & chips and came back to eat them on the beach and watch sunset. Bliss!

The next morning we got up early and packed a picnic (and everything else - we were much more organised this time!) and headed down to Seaford at 9am. This was the first cooler day after the mega heatwave so it was MUCH quieter.

When the rain started, we got in the car and drove to Eastbourne for ice-cream at Fusciardi's (they do so many yummy flavours of gelato), followed by a scoot along the seafront which ended in tears (I happened to catch the incident on camera). They were worn out by the time we headed home in the afternoon!


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