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Snow Day! Sussex finally gets some snow excitement in lockdown 2021!

We finally got some snow in Sussex to help add some excitement to those boring days at home in Lockdown v3 this winter!

The twins (and I) were so excited when we finally got some proper snowflakes falling - even if it wasn't laying at first.

Luckily it kept going long enough for a mini snowball fight in our garden and a couple of days later there were some overnight sprinklings available to create ammo for round two before school/work in the morning!

Kalyan wasn't quite such a fan when his sister got him right in the ear!

Amongst all the snowball fun, I also managed to grab some macro shots of the pretty snowflakes on one of their hats! (I put it on a gatepost to keep still as they are incapable of the stillness required for me to focus on such a tiny detail!)

Lots of fun even though we're still desperately waiting to christen the twins' new sledges from Christmas! We didn't get quite enough for that yet. Maybe next year!

Do you love the snow or do you dread it? I have to admit, if it lasts more than a week and causes road disruption it's a bit of a nightmare but those first few days of snow each winter are always exciting!

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