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Storytelling For Brands - Self-Paced Course with Click Photo School

I cannot express just how proud I am to be launching my very first Click course this week! It was such an honour to be asked to teach brand photography on such a wonderful, popular and supportive platform with Click & Co.'s Click Photo School.

I spent many, many hours putting everything into this course for photographers. It's an honest, creative and in depth look at how to create a successful brand photography business on your own terms.

I've shared behind the scenes videos, every piece of kit I own (and how I use it, with examples), how I find clients, my brand, what I deliver, how I get clients raving about me, etc....

I've shared many examples of my own pieces of work, e.g. a shoot plan I send out to clients, all my galleries, creative techniques and lots of other extras for inspiration and ideas on how to create an amazing client experience.

Ultimately, it's all about caring, wanting to help other small businesses to grow and succeed. I don't just drop a hundred odd photos on them and leave them to it! It's a very collaborative process from the very first call to the photo shoot and beyond. I LOVE working so closely with my clients and being part of their story and in this course, I tell you all about it.

You can sign up for my self-paced course, Storytelling For Brands, over at Click Photo School now! It's live from the 6th until the 21st of December so you can start the ball rolling in 2023 and rock your brand photography business!

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