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Stretching myself.

Some of you may know, I'm also an NHS dentist. It's been a tricky time trying to juggle all my balls in the air what with my plans for this year pretty much going up in smoke. I am of course grateful that I was still able to have an income during the pandemic and to be able to help my patients, albeit remotely, but I have struggled without being able to take photos for other people as well. It's an entirely different string to my bow and one I am incredibly passionate about. Of course, I've been documenting my own family throughout lockdown but now things are easing off, it's been nice to be able to take photos for and of other people again!

I took my camera in to work on the day our fit-testing was scheduled, inspired by Glenn Dene whom I interviewed for This Detailed Life magazine's first edition about Quarantine, to document the experience.

dental nurse in mask and hood in black and white
One of our dental nurses during her mask fit-test

I wish I could dive fully back into business with Bexphoto but it's just not possible for me to provide the level of service I usually pride myself in (as I discovered recently when a client call completely slipped my mind)! Between part-time dentistry, caring for the twins with NO school or childcare in the summer holidays (the twins' holiday club isn't running and our old childminder closed down, thankfully my husband managed to re-arrange his surgical rota so I could keep my job), working on This Detailed Life magazine and just trying to keep up with day to day life, my mind is FULL and I'm stretched thin all over the place.

July's daily project

I could probably fit in some client sessions on evenings or weekends but I have no idea when I would find time to edit the photos! I've only just managed to catch up on my personal edits after staying up 'til 4am on Friday - I was on a creative roll and got so much done with that uninterrupted time! Saturday night saw me hit the sack at 8:30pm to make up for it! That’s obviously not sustainable though and was a one off.

Daddy cutting nails of little girl and boy reading a book in the living room, family life
We've had some much needed chilled out Sundays at home

Dental work is kicking up a notch and is becoming more stressful again as we try to juggle recommendations, restrictions, new legislation and patients who need to be seen. We've all been fit-tested now so that we're able to use the drills again should we need to and the phones are certainly getting busier.

Patient care obviously takes priority over any of my own business interests so despite my big giveaway just before lockdown and a new mailing list of potential clients, I just need to leave that side of things for the time being. Hopefully in September when the kids (hopefully) go back to school full time, I will be able to focus on family and branding sessions again.

In the meantime, although it may sound weird being so busy anyway, I'm glad I have TDL magazine to focus on. I love the creative things I get to do and they do help to keep me going with everything else. The next edition is already underway so we have PLENTY of time to organise and edit this issue as we're aiming to post them by 1st December and I have a team of 12 wonderful photographers assisting me.

I've also got my monthly slot on Uckfield FM this Thursday so do tune in (via their website if you're not local) to hear about all the things I've been up to with the twins this month!

Oh and my favourite way to de-stress? Taking photos of bugs!


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