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Sunday Shout Out - Hartfields café in Uckfield

This week's Sunday Shout Out is for Hartfields café here in Uckfield.

Hartfields has been a favourite of mine since we moved here in 2014, they've changed a lot over the 10 years they've been on the High Street, celebrating this achievement in 2021. They started as a greengrocers & deli and evolved into a café which expanded in 2018 to create the spacious hangout we all know and love today.

Although I've tried and love most of their menu, my all-time favourite dish is the Sweetcorn Fritter Stack. I get it whenever it's on the specials menu, it comes with their homemade relish, avocado and a poached egg and is absolutely delicious, especially with the optional added bacon! ;)

They make the best bacon around and even have their own blend of coffee which is always smooth and delicious!

Every Sunday I will be sharing an independent business on social media and sharing the love. It's a small way to try to help so many small brands which have been affected by various lockdowns and restrictions. Let's help each other spread the word and help boost local business!

If you'd like to take part, all you have to do is fill in a short application form here and I will be in touch to arrange a bespoke brand photo to represent your brand ready to share with my community. And it's COMPLETELY FREE!

Don't miss out, there's no catch, you don't even have to join my mailing list!

Although you should, it's fab ;)

So what are you waiting for?? Apply now and join in the fun :D

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