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Sunshine & Bluebells, a new discovery near our home...

I haven't actually been on a daily walk much at all even though it's allowed. We are lucky to have a garden and are surrounded by nature and I haven't felt the need to go beyond our little world here until yesterday after a day of CPD (oh radiology is so dull) so screen time for both me and the kids bar a 15 minute lunch break, I decided to explore a new walk right over the road from our village and I'm so glad we did!

We went after the twins had their dinner at 6pm so the light was just perfect as the sun was sinking in the sky and bluebells lined the path. Nik called just as we left the house, he was leaving the hospital so I sent him our location on google maps and he was able to find us in the middle of the beautiful forest we found when he got home half an hour later and finished the walk with us. I had no idea we lived so close to such a lovely and easy walk for the last 5 years! A double buggy wouldn't fit down the path so I never went that way but now I know, I think we'll be making this little jaunt our daily exercise while the weather's nice.



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