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The Aurora Borealis in East Sussex!

Bucket list BIG TICK!  Aurora Borealis and it was right on my doorstep!

Last night I just spent the most wonderful couple of hours in the field opposite our house (ours is the light towards the left in the first image!) with our neighbour (who happens to be an astrology expert and lives in the house on the right!) watching the dancing lights and capturing all of my favourite colours streaking across the sky!!!

North, south, east and west, there was something to see each way, even right above us!

It was epic!!!

I finally went to bed at 3am as I was shattered but what an exciting night!!!

Judging by my Facebook feed, almost everyone I know in the UK saw something amazing last night! Aren’t we lucky?!

Did you see it? Which is your favourite image? The colours changed so much and so quickly! Let me know in the comments ;)

Apparently it will be back tonight but I'm already struggling to keep my eyes open! lol

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