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The days are a blur, but there's beauty to be found...

Anyone else struggling to know what day it is? I've still been working at the surgery a couple of days a week which was giving me some structure but having swapped over the holidays while the school was shut this last week has thrown me even more. The days blur into one and we're muddling along just fine at home, staying safe and protecting ourselves and others while Nik is working in the hospital. It's a stressful time and some days I can't be productive or creative at all but on others the creativity keeps me going.

A few projects are helping, one of which is run by Chloe Lodge and Cindy Cavanagh, For the Love of the Photograph's 52 week project. They're continuing to send out weekly prompts which encourage us to think, photograph with intention and create art. The current two weeks (15 and 16) are about elimination. I haven't fully delved into this idea yet but while on our walk yesterday, I was struck by the light shining through the trees, creating sun flares in my lens and the colours of nature with all the fresh spring leaves and recently emerged bluebells and of course, blue skies! I decided to eliminate focus so the attention was solely on the beautiful light and colours surrounding me and I really love the results so will be documenting more out of focus scenes this week. I'll post an update with whatever I get but here are a few more from our walk...

Here are a couple of side by side examples of the same scene with and without focus, edited the same way. I guess these fall into the category of what you see vs what I see too...


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