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The Lockdown Haircut has happened.

We've been meaning to neaten up Kalyan's hair for a while, we just never got around to it (mostly because I wanted to document it and have been super busy). Nik has been doing his own hair with his new clippers and we finally turned them on K's mop today!

It was starting to annoy him with his fringe getting into his eyes, his emotions throughout ranged from happy to excited to apprehension to goofy to ITCHY to distress and back to happy again.

And then came Ear Gate with the blue guard off, we thought he just didn't like the tickling. Turns out he got a slight nick. After some cuddles he got over it quickly.

He then let Daddy finish the back before a shower to get rid of all the hairs and I let him spray me (mostly himself), and we were back to happy as Larry again.


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