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The Maini ADVENT-ures 2020

I've been struggling to keep up with everything these last couple of months but finally got some personal edits done last night and wanted to share a few of our ADVENT-ures from this year! Quite a few of them changed from the original list for various reasons but that's the good thing about the twins not being able to read my handwriting! I can just make it up as I go if I haven't prepared for something on a certain day ;)

Of course we already did our tree at the very end of November as I had some branding photos to take which required a festive indoor backdrop, plus we were excited just to get the spirit of Christmas in our home this year more than ever!

Over the next couple of weeks I added more fripperies around the rest of the room with these new paper decorations making a big impact!

We were so glad we were able to visit Skate TW this year before Tier 4 kicked in as it's become one of our favourite traditions! (I had tried to book for Christmas Eve but there weren't enough spaces left - so glad now as it's had to close.) We managed to squeeze in lunch at Hattusa in Crowborough on our way there too which was delicious and very filling, we took home loads of leftovers!

I honestly think it's the most fun we've all had at the ice-rink yet! The twins were DELIGHTED to skate on their own (with the aid of a seal!) Nik stayed firmly on solid ground this year as he find the skates so painful every time so I handed over control of my camera and I love the photos he got as we all whizzed around! You can see more on my ice-skating blog review.

We've also been making a few bits 'n' bobs at home including Spiced Plum & Sloe Gin Jam and Pear & Ginger Mince Pies.

We had an absolutely delicious Sunday roast at The Hurstwood as our substitute celebration with the in-laws this Christmas. SO glad we planned it that weekend as the following weekend Tier 4 was announced in London (where they live).

Of course there has been some Christmas crafting too! I made this gorgeous paper cones to create a little rainbow forest in my dining room and I love them!

While I did that, the twins worked on their colourful paper chains which we've now hung in the hall and living room. (Priya basically spent the whole day naked so I had to "make" her a top! Lol.)

We've also been enjoying wrapping some gifts and even getting a couple of early ones for ourselves too like this gloriously colourful and festive tea towel!

The twins always go on a car ride with Nik to see the Christmas lights around Uckfield and this year I hopped in too. Some of the houses are amazing to see - so lit up with novelty lights and so many pretty colours as well as some more understated but no less pretty displays.

So, despite being super busy finishing off client work, dental work, Christmas preparations and general life, we've been managing to fit in lots of fun this advent too! What about you? Has your December been hectic or are you taking it easy already?

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