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The most comfy, colourful rainbow leggings!

It's no surprise that I love colourful clothing, I'm a big fan of dopamine dressing and have lots of favourite colourful brands! I'll be writing a bigger update soon with other clothes too but for now, here are my favourite leggings brands and the pairs I own...

By far my favourite, I love their designs, especially now they do thigh pockets! I own both their cheaper "casual" pairs (no pockets and a softer cotton mix fabric) and thicker "active" super-stretchy pairs. Some patterns can be see-through in the casual version but the active ones are always squat proof!

These have one side pocket and a back zipped pocket, I love the design but it's more pastel than in the photo.


I got the gorgeous leopard print ones first, pockets on both thighs which I love and were £29.99 after a welcome discount. The spotty ones were in the sale for just a tenner!


These are some of the most fun designs but only a back zip pocket and not the best fit on me.

Lottie & Tedd

Again, no side pockets but I adore this design and they fit well!

Rainbows & Sprinkles

Another favourite, they do different lengths and also do side pockets now too!

Sweaty Betty

A more expensive option but very sturdy and I love this design. They have really good pockets too.

The Rainbow Room

A favourite for all sorts of colourful bits & bobs as well as these leggings. They're a simple design with no pockets but really pretty!



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