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The Portrait Blog Loop for February

I'm all about the contrasts this month! I've been very up and down for various reasons and these photos reflect those feelings.

Our theme for this month is slow shutter. My first idea was to use an umbrella and spin it behind my head to create a blur of colour. My big rainbow brolly is too big to lug around London though so I had my little one with rainbow rain-clouds instead. Kirsty kindly obliged to be my "human tripod" and captured these for me.

The first one is 1/15th second at f4.5.

The second one I specifically dressed for, I wanted me to be a blur of green somewhere among the rainbow colours of the exhibition. This one is 1/6th second at f10.

And for those other feelings - the overwhelm, the frustration, the "I'm so fed up of this weather!", I sat in a dark corner of a dark room and set my camera to 0.8 seconds and started to scream and shake my head. Turns out me screaming often looks like laughing so this is the only one that actually represents what I was trying to achieve!

Next up in the loop is Leila Balin. Do go and check out her long exposure portrait this month and follow the loop round!


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Bex Maini
Bex Maini
Feb 29, 2020

Thanks so much Ann! <3


Love these Bex! You have such amazing creativity!!

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