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The Portrait Blog Loop for January - Prisms

This year I am taking part in my first Blog Loop. I've joined up with three other lovely photographers for this project (yes, another project I will be trying to keep up with) and we'll be shooting monthly with a different theme, blog about it and our photo(s) and link to each other so you can see what we've all produced each month. It should be really interesting to a) push myself out of my comfort zone with each new theme and b) seeing and learning from what my friends produce each month too.

So, this month our theme was prisms. Obviously this is something I have played about with before, I'm a big lover of the ring prism and have shared some of my images taken with this but I have a few newer ones and one new self-portrait I took specifically for this project. Thanks to hubby for being my tripod and holding the prism just how I showed him! ;)

First up is this one of a maternity client. I realise you can't see much of the bump here but I just LOVE the light shining alllllll over them and the look on her face as she relaxes back into her partner. I have plenty of lovely portraits of them both in their gallery so I don't worry about playing around with some more "arty farty" ones with clients, they might just love them as much as I do!

Next up is this super sparkly festive portrait of my kids with our rainbow tree. Prisms and fairy lights just create magic - I ran outside to shoot my twins through the window with my ring prism for this effect, I love it!

And finally, my new self-portrait. I couldn't NOT try a photo here when we stumbled upon these rainbow stairs! Not ideal for a prism photo as I usually prefer to shoot into light to get all the sparkles but sometimes when the light comes from the side and with the right prism tilt you can get a little rainbow flare showing up!

I don't love it as a photo of me, I'm a bit too squinty, have no make-up on, my feet are covered in mosquito bites and I wasn't at all dressed for a photo shoot (I had my comfy but rather scabby looking flip flops on too, hence the bare feet)! But, rainbow stairs! ;)

Please do follow this short loop around my colleagues images too, there are just three more and I'm sure their images will be stunning! Next up this month is Leila Balin:

I first "met" Leila online when she set up the UK travelling mustard dress project which I participated in a few years ago now - another one which pushed me out of my comfort zone and helped me grow as a photographer! Go and see her blog :)


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Whoa! just love your use of the prism - especially in that first image!


I absolutely love these! That first one is incredible!

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