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The Self-Portrait Blog Loop - Colour

You'd think I might do well with this month's theme but I was pushing myself WAY outside my comfort zone with this idea (inspired by LeAnna Campbell Azzolini's self portraiture class in the Phlock Thrive & Shine online summit). I got myself a cheap frame and a "backdrop" (flat bed sheet in black and one in yellow) and managed to clear a space in our garage and set up my tripod.

I wanted some movement but seem to struggle to keep my head still so they're all a bit blurry, I need a lot more practice (and a bit more time, things have been hectic lately with the new This Detailed Life magazine - building a website and creating our fun film!)

I'll be honest, I'm not sure I really like any of these (although, they might do as VERY small profile pictures as I do like the colours). They're not my usual style so not something I'm used to editing, plus I'm carrying a few extra "quarantine snack" pounds and actually, I'm just not sure yellow looks good with my pinkish skin tones so I'm just not sure about the final product. Apparently I do find myself hilarious though as I'm laughing in most of these (whilst praying the neighbours didn't walk past)!

Hey ho, you gotta push yourself to learn and grow right? Here are the most decent of the 200 or so I got using self-timer on burst mode ;)

(Had to crop my pants out of this one!!)

And since we're laughing at my shocking attempts to be cool like LeAnna, here's a SOOC of my set-up and my "WHY is my remote not worki.... Oh" face! Hahaha. I soon gave up with that thing and switched to self-timer mode.

And just to show you how I can rock a bit of colour usually with my favourite subjects, my kids and nature (NOT ME), here are a few others I've taken this month...

Next up in the loop with this month's colour theme is the amazing Ann Owen with some seriously STUNNING photos of her daughter! Go and see, seriously!!!


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I absolutely love these, I think they turned out wonderfully!! Love seeing your happy face❤❤


Just love these so much! There’s a lot of joy in them - and not just the colors!

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