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The twins go skydiving!

Not really of course, they're still a bit young for such adventures but they certainly loved the virtual reality version!

(It's nice to know they might want to follow in Mummy's footsteps, or rather jumps! Scroll down to see my 1st tandem free-fall skydive in New Zealand back in 2004.)

Nik recently bought this VR headset for a remote (coronavirus friendly) course he's helping to run and we've been having fun trying it out at home! It works with his phone and any headphones, so far we've had shark experiences, skydives, and a rollercoaster! I have to say, the virtual skydive left me feeling very nauseated! I much prefer the real thing, lol!

Priya went first and really enjoyed it but we had the most fun watching Kalyan, he was hilarious as he described what was happening around him! I'm so glad we videoed it (see below)!

The headset was £19.99 from amazon (affiliate link), it's really good fun! The videos are on YouTube, you can find all sorts of experiences for free! I do recommend doing the real thing too though! ;)


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