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This Detailed Life

This Detailed Life is my Instagram hub, showcasing beautiful photos of the little details that make up life and tell a story.  I love focusing in on the details, possibly more than I love the big wide shots of families having fun.  The long lashes of a toddler, exploring their world, the tiny little toes of a newborn baby, all curled up in miniature, hands which do so much, holding on tightly to Mummy or clutching a favourite teddy or covered in paint... 

And it's not just body parts!  The messes that make up daily life, the favourite books read together and dresses billowing out during a dance party in the living room.  These are the moments that tell the full story.  These are the little things we all want to remember.  Imagine a book filled with it all - the happy photos of your family snuggled on a sofa intermingled with the hands holding the book you're reading or the tangled limbs of siblings as they surround Mummy, shy little giggles and stealing sneaky snacks.  That's how I want to show you the beauty in your every day.

That's what I and my fellow mods, Agi and Gemma, feature on my hub.  You can check it out on Instagram and join my mailing list to keep updated on the blog where I feature a few favourites once a month or so.  



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