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This Detailed Life gets rainbow-tastic!

We launched Edition 3: COLOUR last month and I created a rainbow collage of my own images over the past few years to inspire submissions and show the kind of colourful themed images we're looking for in this issue.

We found this epic image by Jackie Haxthausen entered into our cover contest, it makes the perfect colourful cover don't you think?

We're already getting LOTS of beautifully vibrant submissions and even some gorgeous muted photos sent in as well, it's really cheering up my winter blues! I think this might just be my favourite issue we produce which probably comes as no surprise, hehe.

If you're interested in finding out more and maybe even submitting your own colourful work, head over to This Detailed Life to find out more and don't forget to follow us on Instagram to keep up to date and see all of the gorgeous features we're sharing there from our hashtag #thisdetailedlife.

I even spent a lovely few hours last week curating a rainbow of features on our Instagram feed!

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