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This Detailed Life - March

Sorry this one is so late! I completely forgot to ask for submissions at the end of March what with all that was going on but have since received some gorgeous detail images when I remembered to ask in our group! It's lovely to see the details still showing their importance in these strange times.

Congratulations to this month's Top Shot winner, Victoria Lugton, I love the storytelling here with that cheeky toe poking through!

toe poking through a sock
TOP SHOT for March 2020 by Victoria Lugton

Washing Hands under a tap in black & white
Kirsty Larmour

Newborn baby details hair and nose
Susan Heaton

pom pom colourful shoes, child's feet
Priyanka Berry

Baby details - lips
Vivienne Cruddace

child drawing chalk rainbow on fence
Katy Howe

little girl bunches
Shannon Jones Douglas


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