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This is Reportage: Family Awards & International Features

I was thrilled last week to learn that three of my entries won in the latest round of TiR:Family awards.

This is Reportage: Family aims to "promote the skill, artistry – and vital importance – of world-class family photography". The awards are "given to those exceptional, single captures – family moments captured with artistry and flair."

One of my award-winning images has since been featured on Bored Panda (currently sitting at 77,000 views) and now Vanity Fair Italia! Here's what they had to say about the winning images...

"Family photography can be so many things: Emotional, powerful, funny, impactful, tender, surprising, meaningful... I could go on and on.

Amongst all those things, family photography is art. Art that is captured and composed on the fly—in the briefest of moments—because documentary family photography (which we celebrate at This is Reportage: Family) is totally unstaged. Nothing posed—just totally natural, real moments."

Vanity Fair Italia had this to say:

"In how many ways can family be told?
In the photos selected from the best there are moments of everyday life, shots stolen without waiting for the posed smile or the perfect light. Simply moments of real life. "

“I really think that's it: documentary photography, whether it's families, weddings or whatever, is capturing art on the fly. Art that counts.", explains Law, underlining the importance of fixing moments that become precious memories for the people who are the protagonists of those shots, for the human and love burden they contain. And because they are unrepeatable."

It's so wonderful that documentary photography is getting recognised for the art it is. If you'd like to know more about how the documentary approach works and how I personally create art with the families I work with, check out this blog post explaining documentary vs lifestyle photography.

If you'd like to chat about creating the ultimate personalised art for your walls, book a chat to discuss some ideas...

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