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Through the Rainbow Windows - A project of joy and family life during social distancing in Uckfield.

There's a bit of a joyful rainbow thing happening with rainbows in Sussex and across the world, OF COURSE people are tagging me in it 😉🌈 as a self-confessed rainbow lover. We have now joined in with our own rainbows in our home which you can see in my own family documentary photographs below, BUT I also want to spread this idea further...

Young boy painting rainbows on his window

Just to be clear, you don't have to paint the rainbows directly onto your windows!

Where we live (opposite a field) only our few neighbours will see the rainbows and of course there are those who can't even leave their homes who will miss out on seeing these cheerful windows full of colour. I want to create a gallery of rainbow windows for anyone to see AND also tell a little story of what's going on inside. I may even publish a book of the collection next year.

I think we should show the stories of the families and anyone else who's stuck at home, how we're getting through this, the fun we can have indoors. So if you're local (Uckfield and surrounding villages) and you'd like me to come and take your photo through your window (living room, kitchen or dining room, whichever is accessible without me having to come through your house) drop me a message and I'll try to make it happen.

My plan is to take a portrait of you all standing in the window proudly with your rainbows (if you have them) but also to get closer (to the glass - no human contact - social distancing is being respected) and get a shot of you all inside doing what you do, be it playing a game, cooking something, any kind of family activity, dancing or just sitting reading a book.

I'll create a photo album on Facebook of what life looks like right now for every day people. There's no charge for this obviously, this is a project mainly to keep me sane and you're welcome to download your image(s) to keep. If you are able to, please do help me raise some much needed funds for Uckfield's Foodbank. You can make a donation via my fundraiser online.

This crazy time, however stressful, deserves to be documented too and this project will absolutely be a lifeline for me to keep being creative and feed my soul while life is looking rather uncertain for so many of us.

So, who's in??


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