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Top Nine - 2019

It's that time of year when everyone starts posting their "top 9" collages on Instagram.

The top 9 most liked images from my year do give a pretty good representation of my work (and life) over the last 12 months and I love all the images in it but that said, I also wanted to share my own personal favourite images. These aren't always the ones that get liked the most by others but mean something to me, regardless of popularity, awards or publication.

This collection of images makes me proud. Both grids do, I can see my progress so much in these photos, really finding my voice, telling stories with my lens and finding my light. Being more confident directing clients to the good light in their homes, getting back to my first love of nature photography and my beloved shrooms, truly documenting my family without direction, preserving our memories in the most authentic way and a styled shoot, an idea I'd imagined over a year ago and finally got to bring to reality in the River Uck with Gabriella.

So I've had fun playing and working, building on my portfolio and experimenting too. It's been a good year. I'll be sharing another post soon too with a look back at my achievements over the year and reflecting on my goals for this year and making new ones for 2020. I cannot wait to see where next year takes me!

Just because it's cute, a snap taken at their pre-school graduation, but I managed to

find my light in a badly lit village hall ;)

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