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10 Top Tips: How And Where To Use Your Brand Photos

You've got lots of lovely shiny new photos showing off who you are and what you do. But now what?

If you've just had a full branding session with me then you'll already have your Social Media Plan and a handful of graphics and of course your fabulous new Show Reel to help capture the attention of your ideal clients.

All of this will of course help you to kick start your marketing and grow your business, but here are a few extra tips to help you make the most out of your gallery of images.

There are SO many ways to use your images, starting with the obvious...

1. Your profile photo

Yep, if you're currently using your logo as your profile photo on social media, get that switched out for a headshot ASAP. You don't get a second chance to make a first impression!

Studies show that using an image of your face increases engagement. Make sure it represents your brand to increase brand awareness and keep your look consistent too!

2. Social Media

Take the opportunity to re-introduce yourself and transform your feed to be completely on-brand with your professional new images and graphics.

Schedule a few posts to stay consistent, encourage engagement and connect with your ideal clients. With my Spectrum and Kaleidoscope packages, you receive a bespoke 30 day social media plan to help you prepare your posts for a whole month (or even longer if you don't post daily).

An example of one of my clients' Instagram before and a mock-up of after using their social media plan.

3. Print them!

Yep, they're not just for digital use, print them on your marketing materials. Ever been to a conference or networking event and come home with a handful of business cards? It can be difficult to remember which one corresponds to each person you spoke to. Having your face on your business card is the perfect way to make sure people remember you and what you do!

Jane Griffin, Positive Story PR Ltd holding her new business card.
Jane's had a great response when handing out her new business cards!

You could also create flyers to leave in relevant venues or vouchers to hand out in goodie bags for example, showing exactly what you offer with one or two of your eye-catching images!

4. Update your website

Show off your uniqueness! Get your original, personalised images all over your website. People can spot a generic stock photo miles away these days. Let them see what makes you stand out, why they should choose you over your competitors.

You can use them on every single page; e.g. Homepage, About, Contact, Blog...

Use them as headers, clickable links, add interest, show your personality and keep every page consistent with your brand, my client Sarah has done an amazing job of inserting all her images into her new website...

5. Pimp up your emails

Add photos to keep your mailing list interesting and encourage more clicks, make sure you use the "web ready" versions to keep them loading fast.

As well as using them throughout your emails to showcase your work/products and or personality, you can also add a photo to your email signature. It's just another way of keeping your brand in their mind, seeing your friendly face often cements the idea that you're someone they should consider working with when they need your product/services.

6. PR & Media

With your new photos, you're much more likely to have pitches for media and articles accepted. Visuals are so important these days so having professional imagery to sit alongside your story is vital!

7. Graphics

Make your brand stand out across all your channels with recognisable graphics using your images. Wherever your ideal clients come across you, they'll see a consistent, professional image which builds trust. Examples include Pinterest graphics, Facebook covers and LinkedIn banners, Instagram graphics and video covers for YouTube and the likes. Again, these are the sorts of graphics which come included in my Spectrum and Kaleidoscope packages, pre-made graphics using your brand colours, fonts, logo and brand new photos.

As well as YouTube covers, be sure to save phone sized covers too for your reels/TikTok so you can keep your feed looking lush. No more blurry screenshots from the video, select a cover that keeps you looking like a pro. (Bonus Tip - use Canva for this, create copies to save all your branding and just change out the photos and info to save time. Affiliate link.)

8. Lead Magnets

Keep that brand recognition going in your downloadable content too! If you create a lead magnet to encourage sign-ups to your mailing list, make sure they know who created it when it's been lost in a folder for weeks. I often download useful PDFs but don't always have time to read them straight away and when I do, I might be convinced to work with that person so make sure your branding, logo and images (and especially your contact info) is all over that thing! Newsletters can often end up in spam so don't rely on that if they have your valuable info on their computer already.

9. Presentations & Webinars

If you're giving a presentation, in person or online, use your images and/or show reel to introduce your brand. Make sure you stick in their minds, use your images to catch their eye, keep their attention and make a great impression. One of my clients, Sam from Mindability, likes to use her show reel to introduce herself at speaking events...

10. Thank you cards

If you send out happy mail to your potential or existing clients, use the opportunity to reinforce your brand in their mind yet again, keep them coming back for more. Including your face is so much more personal than just your logo, last year I sent out Christmas cards with my logo used as baubles but included a photo of me inside to make it more friendly and remind them how much fun I am to work with 😉

So there you have it, lots of ways to use your brand photographs. They really are such a great investment, you can get so much use out of them.

Don't have any brand images yet? Find out more about working with me and how we can create a portfolio you'll be proud to show off.

Not ready to chat yet?

Click here to download that awesome PDF I showed you above - all about how to prepare for your own personality-packed brand photoshoot.



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