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Underwater Family Photographer in Sussex - a practice session in Crowborough

In Summer of 2019 I wanted to start underwater photography again. This was something I used to love doing whenever I went Scuba diving on holidays, usually concentrating on macro shots of clown fish and other cute sea creatures. This time I wanted to shoot families underwater so I put some feelers out for someone local with a pool and kids who would let me come and practice in return for some free photos of the session. I was ready for a learning curve but I struggled a lot with the equipment I was using (Fuji X100-T and Seafrogs housing with dome) so the ideas I had weren't quite working. I still managed to get some fun shots despite also dealing with some cloudiness in the water. The editing was the biggest thing I had to learn and play around with to get these results. Hence quite a few being B&W as I really need to work on editing to bring back the right skin tones. (I've since invested in new equipment which is giving me MUCH better results though so I'm really excited about this new offering of Underwater Family Sessions.)

An example of my SOOC (straight-out-of-camera) images I was dealing with to bring back the details...


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