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What you see Vs What I see

A little series I started on the blog to show the difference that hiring a professional can make. We often see things differently to how you might. (You can see previous examples here.)

In this case, on a branding shoot with my client whose brand colours include a lot of greens. We had chosen Brighton Marina as the location and hoped to include some foliage/greenery in her shoot but found the hotel & marina somewhat lacking in this regard. The only decent bit of greenery we could find as a backdrop were some small hedges outside Nando's!

Here's a phone snap to show you the area...

And here's what we created, making sure she was sitting to hide the sign on the bench (and as much of the boring metal bench as possible) and using a high angle to ensure we got as much green as possible because the bushes weren't very tall.

I also used my prism to hide some of the bench in the background with a sparkling effect which Sam and I love!

We were both pretty pleased with the result but Sam has already chosen to go more rural for her next shoot with me in the spring so we shouldn't have a problem finding greens then! 😉

Check out Sam's full session on the blog here to see more!

So what do you think? Worth investing in a professional for right? And there are so many other reasons a professional can help you achieve exactly what you need to show off your brand too. Find out more on a free consultation call with Bex...

It's free and I always throw in a couple of tips whether you decide I'm the photographer for you or not!

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