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Wilderness Wood - before the Lockdown

I'm SO glad we made it out to Wilderness Wood the weekend before everything started closing down. We met up with friends after Ballet and ended up heading to Wilderness Cafe for a spontaneous lunch followed by a lovely walk (bar a couple of meltdowns, well one each, from our two sets of twins)!

I love that Kalyan & Priya have another set of boy/girl twins the same age to play with. We only met them a few months ago but they've quickly become good friends we really enjoy spending time with, both the parents and the kids!

As always, Wilderness Wood was lovely in spite of the incredible amounts of slippery squelchy mud after the recent rain. And of course we had to grab a treat at the cafe with their epic cakes and cookies with hot chocolates after our walk!

I'm so glad we have plenty of sun now we're stuck at home and feeling very grateful for our garden the kids can play in and the fact they have each other while they're unable to see their friends. I can't wait until we're allowed to socialise again, here are my favourite photos of that day, memories I'm so glad we have!


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