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World Book Day 2020

A couple of weeks late, our school scheduled this for today.

These are by no means the best costumes, which I knew, but was vehemently confirmed by my kids complaining they didn't "win" best costume when I picked them up, no surprise to me but it was to them. Oops.

It is hard to get anything done at the moment, never mind everything. Working at the surgery, working on my business, the seemingly constant emails from school with various other things I need to do and just general life, being a mum, to two five-year-olds. It's exhausting.

Oh the mum guilt is strong right now.

I lost sleep worrying about getting outfits done. Priya was determined to be a librarian, not sure why, we don't have any books with librarians in. I had already bought her some dressing up glasses (because they were sparkly rainbow of course!) and we fished out an old cardigan. Not much of an outfit really so I also found my old Folio lanyard and made her a LIBRARIAN badge to wear.

As for Kalyan, he wanted to be Zog but he's outgrown his old dragon outfit and I was reluctant to spend £30 just for this (especially in the current climate being self-employed in both my professions), in the end I managed to convince him to be a Sneetch, knowing full well he had yellow jeans and a yellow top as well as a beak so all I had to do was produce a green star for his belly. I briefly contemplated making a white collar out or pom poms but they'd be too round anyway.

If you don't know what a Sneetch is, you should read it, I LOVE Dr Seuss books!

I did better a couple of years ago when they were Princess Pearl and Zog (well, technically madam dragon since he's green and not orange), last year I cheated with some easy Elmer costumes for them both. I really would like to get organised and actually use some of my old crafting skills to make some awesome outfits for them. I love books, I love dress up and I love crafting but I just end up finding it stressful to produce something. Does anyone else struggle with World Book Day pressure?


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