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Zoom Ballet with Universal Dance Uckfield

I'll be perfectly honest, although Priya loves Ballet usually, it is a real struggle to get her to do it via zoom. Her teacher is great and does her best to engage everyone and set great exercises to practice but we have at least one tantrum to deal with every time!

I was banned from watching the first time, let alone taking photos! The second time went better and I was allowed to take a few shots before the mood set in again. Since then, I avoid even looking as if I do, I'm often grunted at!

There are parts she enjoys and gets in to but she seems to feel very self conscious about it, we often have to turn off the camera so no-one can see her but equally she does like the praise she gets from her teacher when she can be seen. It's obviously a very strange situation for her seeing her classmates also staring back at her through the screen (we have told her they are also just looking at the teacher but it doesn't seem to help).

So far, we've managed to keep her "going" to ballet but it's a chore every week! Luckily she does enjoy part of it, as you can see above, or we'd just give up. Life is hard enough at the moment but we so wanted her to keep having this hobby to distract from the monotony of home.



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