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I am taking part in The Slow Photography Movement this year.  This project was set up by my mentor, Laura Aziz at Baby, Picture This as a way to slow down the constant shoot & share on social media.  A chance to really get into a project and explore each theme fully, spending time thinking about it, the execution and selecting just a few images at the end of each 8 week challenge.  I'll be sharing mine here as I progress.  

I'm looking forward to getting more creative and really immersing myself in a photography project  from a specifically arty point of view.  My 365 project seems the opposite in that I'm posting and sharing every day but it's also an exercise in being more creative and thinking differently, as well as trying not to overshoot as I am often prone to do.  I simply wouldn't manage it with hundreds of photos to edit every day so I'm trying to learn to be more restrained and really think about what I'm shooting.

The first theme was Self.  You can read more about it in my blog post about the topic but here are the photos I ended up sharing for this topic. 


The second theme is Colour, a theme close to my heart.  Colour to me means bright, happy and rainbows!  Ever since I planned a rainbow themed bedroom for our twins, I have loved rainbow patterns and gradients so I immediately thought of taking a photo in every colour of the rainbow.  I'm still working on my final collection but here's what I've been playing with so far, using a bunch of flowers I was given.

I then ended up with various other ideas including some more conventional macro shots taken outdoors with beautiful shades of green which I made a collage of and was the one chosen by Laura to feature, an abstract photo of bluebells with motion blur and some colourful photos of summer which did include the kids.  You can check out all of my other colourful shots in my blog post about topic two.

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