If you're looking for a complete review of your work or just fresh eyes on your portfolio, I'm delighted to now be offering mentoring to other photographers as well as teaching at conferences and workshops.

We can work side by side in my office or via Face-time after I send you a questionnaire to assess your aims and figure out how I can help get you there.

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A full review of your portfolio with feedback

and advice based on your goals.

I had a wonderful mentoring session with Bex.  She was like a cool breath of fresh air on this muddled photographer’s brain!  She’s not only really inspired and reassured me on - both the images I’m taking and my photography business - she’s also given me immediate actions I can implement straight away which I know will have a real impact.  And if all that wasn’t enough, she’s tremendously kind and enthusiastic, making the whole critiquing process (which I was petrified of) quite an enjoyable experience!

Thank you so much Bex xx

Bex is not only a gifted photographer with a unique eye but she is incredibly giving when it comes to sharing what she knows and what drives her photography. We are so proud to have her deliver a class at Phlock Live in 2020 and value all the help she’s given to us so far as part of our focus group.


I'm speaking at Phlock Live 2021, the UK's largest photography conference for women, in Manchester, talking about my love of colour and details and how I incorporate them into my galleries.

So excited about how close this is getti

I'm in awe at the company I'm in as the first confirmed speakers at Phlock Live, it's going to be such an amazing event!

So much talent!!!  Tickets are available NOW!


I have been published on various international blogs such as Click, Dear Photographer and Hello Storyteller speaking about my love of details and how I like to use movement in my photographs to create different moods and tell stories.  In May 2020 I also founded This Detailed Life Magazine, an international print magazine.  As editor-in-chief I enjoy looking through the images submitted from all over the world, curating and designing each edition with a team of 11 other photographers.