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This Detailed Life - The first month

It's been exactly one month since I launched This Detailed Life, inspired by my passion for capturing the little details in everyday life. I'm loving my little hub featuring images I love which focus in on those magical details that can say so much and I'm thrilled people are tagging #thisdetailedlife. We now have 750 images tagged and almost 300 followers (or bang on if we get six more by morning!) and I hope we keep growing, I am loving discovering so many amazing new photographers and seeing the detailed images being shared.

Every month I plan to share a few favourites in a blog post summary, thank you to all the artists tagging #thisdetailedlife and giving permission to share their work. (Edit: I did have ten chosen but I just snuck another one in!)

by Amber Talbert

Which is your favourite? Be sure to check out This Detailed Life on Instagram to see more gorgeous photos and if you're a photographer, tag your detail images with #thisdetailedlife for your chance to be featured.


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