I am a professional photographer specialising in telling the story of my clients with colourful, bespoke brand photography.  I help ambitious local businesses to be more present online by creating a stunning portfolio of on-brand, unique images that perfectly portray them, their brand personality and their business in order to boost their visibility, attract their ideal clients and enable their business to grow.  


Want to discuss how I can help your business?  Don't hesitate to book a free consultation to find out how much fun we can have creating an authentic gallery of photos to help boost your business and revenue with a consistent, professional image. 


I have always tried to avoid having my photo taken, whenever I get asked to have a portrait shot of myself I squirm a little and always end up pulling some goofy faces or seem to close my eyes when the camera clicks! [...] However, the lovely Bex made me feel so relaxed and within seconds came this lovely photo which I can’t believe I am saying this...but I love it. 

-  Victoria Turner, shop owner


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She's an incredible artist, she's got a great eye, and she has a wonderful knack of being able to put anyone at ease. She's also interested in a wide range of photography techniques, genres and finishes, and this is reflected in her highly personalised, colourful, distinctive work. Book her, you won't regret it. 

-  Gemma Conley-Smith