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Shoot & Share Awards

Back in January I entered an international photography competition, the Shoot & Share contest. Said to be the only "free and fair" contest as all images are displayed anonymously and voted on all around the world by photographers and non-photographers alike, I am thrilled to have two finalist images out of the 400,000+ entered!

This one of Priya & Kalyan (my three-year-old twins) making scrambled eggs, placed 165th out of 19,330 images in the Lifestyle/Family Documentary category.

Another one of the twins, playing in their room (on the day I introduced pants) came in 372nd out of 19,330 in the same category.

As well as my two finalist images which I am super chuffed with, I also had a number of images in the top 10%, 20% and 30% of certain categories which you can see detailed in the slideshow below. It's my first year entering Shoot & Share and I do wish I'd entered some in different categories (some fit in multiple and it was difficult to decide) but ultimately I'm so happy to have achieved anything. I can't wait for next year (the month of voting is also somewhat addictive)!

Hover over the slideshow below to see where each image placed.

You can see all of my Awards and Features in my About section.

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