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This Detailed Life - Easter

Happy Easter! We've had some utterly gorgeous, rich and colourful detail photos shared on the #thisdetailedlife hashtag and I've had lots of fun choosing which ones to share on the hub. I thought I'd do a special Easter themed post here too, not least to include one which was removed my Instagram for being against community guidelines (although I've no idea why)!

Thanks again to all featured artists for allowing us to share and to everyone for tagging and joining in our love of details at This Detailed Life. Here are my 10 favourite Easter themed images:

by Vironica Golden

by Michelle Lourenco

by Amber

by Nicole Kost

by Lindsay Saunders

by Meg Loeks

by Jamie Eilts

by Hope Anderson

by Anna Aromin

by Bex Maini

You can follow along on Instagram to see all of the beautiful images shared and join our details community at This Detailed Life. Help us spread the word :)

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