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Published in Dear Photographer magazine

This is the first time I submitted some of my photos for publication and I was thrilled to have one selected by Dear Photographer out of 8700+ submissions and I'm even more excited to see it in print!

My copy of Dear Photographer magazine arrived yesterday and I love it! This is the first issue I've bought and it's the perfect one to start with as it's the Details issue, you know how I love details. (I recently subscribed to Click magazine for a year as well and they both arrived on the same day from America.)

The quality of the magazine is amazing, the pages are thick and beautiful. I was super excited to come across my photo on the very first page of featured images after the editor's letter! They split all the details into different categories and mine was in The Human Figure collection, my photo being one of the four larger features on the first page of the category. It's so exciting to be in a magazine surrounded by such talent from so many fellow artists I admire.

Who'd have thought Kalyan's shoulder would be printed in an International photography magazine?! A sold out magazine at that. Thanks Janel & Adri! I love the inspiration you guys produce at Dear Photographer and I'm so happy I get to be a part of it!

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