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Details by the Dozen

I am so excited about this new project I've put together! You may have already heard of my Instagram hub, This Detailed Life, and recently I asked a few of my favourite photographers who also love focusing in on the little moments to join me in a project to celebrate details. If you haven't already guessed, there are twelve of us, hence Details by the Dozen! I'll be posting on my own Instagram as well as on @thisdetailedlife whenever there's a new post and we'll use the #DetailsbytheDozen tag so you can easily find us on Instagram too.

Here are my favourite detail shots from each of us, an example of the kind of work you will see:

Click on each image to see who the creator was.

Once a month, we will each share our own favourite detail photo from the preceding month. I will collate them all in a blog post with a link to each photographer's own website so you can explore more of their work if you like what you see. It's a great way to support each other and stay inspired and I'm thrilled that everyone I asked said yes!

I wanted people who genuinely have a love for details, who regularly post detailed shots and have tagged #thisdetailedlife to join in with the hub. Most of them are people whose work I have admired for a long time. So, who are the eleven joining me? Well my two fellow mods of course and a few others:

Hush Pictures - Agi Lebiedz

Gemma Cowburn Photography

Amber Talbert Photography

Meg Loeks Photography

Tara Visconti Photography

Chloe Lodge Photography

Sarah Gupta Photography

Karlee Hooper Photographer

Amber Leigh Photographer

Baby, Picture This - Laura Aziz Photographer

Charlotte Green Photography

Bexphoto - Bex Maini Photographer

And myself, Bex Maini

It's a genuinely global group! We've got people from/living all over; Sussex, Essex, Somerset and Manchester in England; Fife in Scotland; New York, California, Colorado, Texas and Michigan in the USA; Canada, Dubai in UAE and Warsaw in Poland.


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