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The new Bexphoto office!

Bexphoto office desk

I am utterly in love with my new office! I decided I needed my own work space. Sitting with my laptop on the sofa just wasn't working anymore so I have taken over the twins' playroom. It was only used for storage nowadays anyway, since their big baby toys like the Jumperoo have thankfully left the building, I thought why not condense their toys and move them into their bedroom so I can utilise the space off our living room better.

It has now transformed from a messy, excessive toy cupboard to my own gorgeous, organised office space. And just in case you feel sorry for my kids being ousted, I've created a little office space on the other side just for them. They can now sit and do arts and crafts next to me without me having to drag everything through to the dining table (for what ends up being a mere 5 minutes of entertainment anyway) and it lets me get a bit more organised on the days I'm home with them. Everyone's happy.

I've allocated them their own drawers for paints and crafty bits they can use and Mummy has her own drawers which are out of bounds. All of my Bexphoto packaging and other craft stuff is stored in those. It's so much nicer now my desk is inside our warm house rather than out in the cold garage being covered in spider poop! It also gave me an excellent reason to decorate just how I want to. My husband isn't a fan of "signage". He hates words and quotes in the house so now I have a room that's just mine where I can put up these things I like to inspire me and fill the room with my personality and he can't complain!

I really love my big happy yellow smile sign and my inspirational rainbow postcards. My new montage clip frame is perfect for my lovely thank you cards from clients too!

As you can tell, I truly love colour and have gone all out with my homemade rainbow garland, bright vintage vases and colourful notebooks displayed on Ikea spice racks. I've got some pretty books displayed (both mine and the kids') with my photography magazines as well as a few prints I love but of course I plan to frame a few of my photographs to show off my favourites of my own work.

I have already framed my original painting which I used to make my logo and have it on my desk along with my colourful lettering on the windowsill behind.

I couldn't resist the amazing rainbow neon lights either. When I turn the main light off for clients to watch their slideshow, it creates the perfect glow so the room doesn't get too dark and keeps things colourful in the background.

So from now on, if you book any of my packages, you will be invited to a viewing in the Bexphoto office with a glass of fizz. I will be happy to show you my frame and album options should you wish and you can compare print finishes before you select your chosen images to print. Basically I just love being there to witness your reaction when you see your photos. It is so lovely hearing the ahhhs and laughter and awwws as the slideshow plays, and I have now got a box of tissues in there after my first client got a bit teary as she loved them so much. (I'm pretty sure the Dad was a bit choked up too but shhh!)

It's really just a nice way for me to thank you for letting me in and trusting me to capture the heart of your family. Plus, it's an excuse for me to enjoy a glass of fizz too!


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